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For servicing and installation of oil and gas boilers all across Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, get in touch with Elsey & Co Boiler Maintenance, based in Halstead.
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"I contacted Elsey & Co to carry out some remedial work to my property and I was very impressed with the service i received. The engineer arrived on time and completed the work very efficiently and tidily. I will not hesitate to use them again in future and recommend their services to everyone in our area."
- Haydn, Bury St Edmunds

"I was at desperation point when I contacted Elsey & Co to repair my oil boiler. I had tried three other companies to rectify my smoking oil boiler but none of them could fix it. Andy arrived promptly and quickly got down to analysing the reason for the smoking. He found it was badly sooted up and incorrectly set up so he gave it a full service and then adjusted the burner to make it run like new. I am extremely pleased with the result, no more black soot marks on the wall outside and no more smells. I recommend Elsey & Co to anyone with a troublesome boiler, they certainly know their stuff."
- Barry, Cambridgeshire

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Elsey & Co Boiler Maintenance of Halstead specialises in the supply and installation of gas boilers and oil boilers all across Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

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